Workshop FAQ



"What if I have never painted before? I am not creative!"

Then you are in the right place! Whether you have tons or no experience with watercolors, this workshop starts with the basics. One of my favorite things about the workshops is how impressed and surprised attendees are with their finished pieces.

"Should I sign up even if I am coming alone?"

YES! There will be some people that come with friends and some that come alone. Be prepared to meet awesome and fun women (most attendees are women but we have had some dudes too!) and spend three hours creating together. 

"What ages do you recommend for workshops? Are they kid friendly?"

Most of my workshops focus on my floral technique, which takes quite a bit of patience and motor skills. I recommend your kiddos are at least 14+ and have the ability to work through an art project for 2 hours.

"What will we take home from the workshop?"

In the three hour workshops, you will get to take home your paint set, paper, brushes, a mug, a pouch, a pencil, an instruction booklet and a painting by you! For shorter workshops, you may just be bringing home your created artwork.

"Why are they a bit pricey?"

I went to college to be a high school art teacher and am so grateful this is now my full-time job, selling artwork and teaching workshops. I work hard to curate and prepare the near perfect workshop experience for you. You will be able to show up and have everything taken care of for you and focus on your own creativity. From the beautiful venues to full set up of supplies to take home, it definitely comes at a monetary cost. You will walk away with and experience and memories that are pretty priceless.

"What if I want more workshops?"

You can always find more workshops here on my website. I teach a Modern Florals class fairly regularly, and have also done one on Tropical Leaves, Tiles and Succulents. If you sign up for a future workshop and bring your supplies from a previous workshop, you'll receive a $30 discount. I also teach online workshops at

If you have any other questions, reach out anytime at