I'm the artist and small business owner behind Carly Rae Creative + Carly Rae Studio. I graduated with a degree in Art Education, then started selling my watercolor prints online and at craft fairs, which soon after became my full-time job. And by soon after, I mean I opened that Etsy shop back in 2013, and even though my first sale was to my grandma, I was off and running...

My favorite part of painting is the process; focusing on a piece for an hour or two and forgetting about everything else around me (sometimes to a fault) and being fully present in that creative space.

My artwork is detailed and whimsical, often made up of tiny flowers. I am inspired by color, patterns, Kansas City, sports, and nature: flowers, the ocean, the forest, the sky, animals, sunshine, palm trees and seashells. Each floral painting starts with a pencil outline of a shape and is slowly filled in with tiny watercolor flowers.

My paintings are then printed on textured fine art paper. They make thoughtful and personal gifts, as well as unique decor for homes, nurseries, special events, offices and more. My artwork has been sold in stores around the US, such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s and many local Kansas City boutiques. My newest designs are available in my shop.


I'm also jumping back into teaching in a non-traditional way - through Carly Rae Creative - a monthly online watercolor community. This new adventure has me super fired up to help others create! I am also fired up that we can make this happen while in fuzzy socks, with a big glass of coffee/tea/wine (I am a big fan of all three) from the comfort of our own homes. You could also find me snuggling with my dog mid-day and sharing a morning coffee with my husband Max.

I've learned so much over the almost 10 years of my art career, and I've developed a signature watercolor style along the way. I cannot wait to share it all and help you to cultivate your creativity!