Well, Hello There!

April 01, 2016

After 8+ years of my creative business, I am finally creating a space on my site to share tips, tricks and inspiration with you all!

For any of you that are new, I am Carly Rae Robinson, watercolor artist and creative business owner living in KC.

I moved here 4 years ago from California, and that move was the beginning of doing what I love full-time, and I haven’t looked back. Selling my artwork + teaching workshops is my jam!

I went to school to be an art teacher, and have loved getting back to teaching, but this time mostly watercolor workshops and on my own terms. Although teaching in the traditional sense could be great, it was hard for me in so many ways (am I right teachers?! how about those snow days…) Being an art teacher was always a dream of mine, and it’s funny how life works out.

Know that if you aren’t in your dream job at the moment, there is always time and it can be funny how life works out with a bit of time, luck and tons of hard work.

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