Carly Rae Creative: Watercolor Kit

Want to get started with watercolor but don't want to wander aimlessly around the art supply store? Get started quickly with this kit! 

Use them:

- on your own

- for a Carly Rae Creative online workshop

- for the Carly Rae Creators monthly online community


Watercolor Kit:

- Artist quality watercolor palette set

 - Size 0,1, 3 and 7 watercolor brushes (4 total)

- 3 sheets of watercolor paper

- Pencil 

- Intro to Modern Watercolors booklet


*for Carly Rae Creators Community, I highly recommend purchasing a tracing table:

(This is an affiliate link for a tracing table that costs around $17 on Amazon. It's the one I have and works great!)


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